De ses bureaux de Toronto et Montréal, deux des plus grandes villes du Canada, et forte de ses expériences nord-américaine et mondiale, l’équipe Torchia propose des programmes et services intégrés et adaptés à d’éminentes entreprises, petites ou grandes.
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With offices in Toronto and Montreal, and with extensive North American and global experience, the Torchia team delivers integrated and ad-hoc Public Relations programs and services to leading organizations, small and large. Torchia Communications remains a highly regarded Canadian Public Relations firm.
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Strengthen the image of your brands, the reputation of your business, the credibility of your spokespersons, the effectiveness and awareness of your campaigns and your own corporate or institutional integrity. Leave no room for weak corporate behavior or untapped opportunity.

Meet our Company

Torchia Communications is a trusted partner to organizations seeking Public Relations programs and departments that nurture strong stakeholder relationships and long-term value. The Torchia team is committed to customer service, proactive counsel, measurement and demonstrating the role proactive and strategic Public Relations plays in the success of its clients – but also society as a whole.

Deep Expertise

The Agency is comprised of experienced consultants who have a deep understanding of and experience in virtually all communications disciplines, well beyond one stream or technical area. As Public Relations “Architects”, we are ready to build or enhance your Communications function, helping you deliver sustainable results and value, and defend the program to all organizational leaders and stakeholders.

The firm aspires to provide five-star quality service on every assignment; to all clients.


Public Relations is not for the weak and certainly does not thrive in an environment of fear. It’s about building bridges and allowing the information to flow freely between an organization and its publics, hence the importance of listening and research methodologies. It’s also about a willingness to change – to adapt (where possible) to one’s environment so as to ensure support from advocates, and tolerance from adversaries. We’re striving for sustainable business, harmony and understanding between your organization and its publics – and doing good together. And it’s all within your reach.  



Mediocre or short-term PR campaigns and activities can be dispensed by almost anyone. Great Public Relations programs and functions require a different kind of consultant. We’ve got the people to deliver the goods (and services!).

What are you looking for? A quick-hit campaign or sustainable and strategic omni-channel communications program?