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PrOATein Bar earns spot in Grocery Innovations Canada's Top 10 Most Innovative Products – Torchia Communications
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PrOATein Bar earns spot in Grocery Innovations Canada’s Top 10 Most Innovative Products

PrOATein Bar received the prestigious designation of one of Canada’s most innovative new products, October 23, as voted by industry experts at the 2017 edition of Grocery Innovations Canada. The premium lifestyle bar was selected for its many nutritional benefits including being all-natural, nut and gluten free – as well as for its taste.

“Recognition from industry professionals, media and food lovers is very touching,” says Jiries Rabba, founder of PrOATein Bar. “We’ve worked hard to provide a quality product that not only contains wholesome and healthier ingredients, but also one that can be enjoyed by everyone as part of a busy daily routine.”

Ten years ago, after years of living a thoroughly unbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle, including an acute eating disorder and nearly fatal illness, Jiries slowly recovered and realized he needed to make some important changes. He succeeded thanks to a mindset change and better, simple choices made repeatedly on a daily basis. In 2016, he created PrOATein Bar with a goal to alter the perception of how consumers live a healthy lifestyle – to help them understand the importance of quality ingredients and achieve a balanced lifestyle.

“Thinking back on my early years, I can’t believe I’m here today living as the best version of myself alongside friends and family,” says Rabba. “This new path started by realizing I needed to make better choices each day. It also helped me understand the urgent need to provide consumers with a better option when it came to nutritional, lifestyle bars.”