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Continuing the work of Saint Francis Xavier – Torchia Communications
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Continuing the work of Saint Francis Xavier

Diversity of work is often touted as one of the most enjoyable features of agency life. We certainly got a fair dose of novelty the day we got the brief we’d be working with a major relic from one of the world’s most renowned missionary saints, Saint Francis Xavier, whose forearm would be sent on a rare 15-city pilgrimage far from its permanent home at the Church of the Gesù, Italy.

The saint Francis Xavier relic

“I’ll never forget the experience of briefing my colleagues,” said Daniel Torchia. “I was curious to see their reaction. It’s not every day you get to see a relic of this nature, let alone work so closely with it and, what’s more, to bear some of the responsibility in explaining its significance to millions of people. It’s truly been an unforgettable experience.”

One of the organizers of the once-in-a-lifetime visit called upon our team for counsel/planning, editorial services, communications coaching, media relations and stakeholder outreach.

The story of the life of Saint Francis has inspired countless people since he drew his last breath in 1552. Thanks to this unique assignment, millions of people have been reacquainted with his story and the drive behind his life’s work.

For further details and background materials, visit cco.ca/relic