De ses bureaux de Toronto et Montréal, deux des plus grandes villes du Canada, et forte de ses expériences nord-américaine et mondiale, l’équipe Torchia propose des programmes et services intégrés et adaptés à d’éminentes entreprises, petites ou grandes.
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Why work from home, when you can work from anywhere? – Torchia Communications
With offices in Toronto and Montreal, and with extensive North American and global experience, the Torchia team delivers integrated and ad-hoc Public Relations programs and services to leading organizations, small and large. Torchia Communications remains a highly regarded Canadian Public Relations firm.
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Why work from home, when you can work from anywhere?

Why work from home, when you can work from anywhere?




Just some of the views from my daily walk along the Thames in London, England – my home office for a part of the pandemic.


As I boarded my flight back to Toronto, I felt grateful and inspired. I reminisced about daily sunny and sunset-filled walks along the Thames after clocking out for the workday and being surprised at the possibility of carrying out my role as a Public Relations practitioner wherever there is an internet connection.

COVID-19 has changed the world forever. It has brought tragedy, but has also been the cause of great new opportunities for many.

When I proposed my plan to management to work-from-home from the other side of the world, I was stunned to see them being willing to make this work for me. I was thrilled by their encouragement and excitement for me to go take on this challenge and adventure – especially during these uncertain times.

People were worried about time difference, but as the saying goes, “where there’s a will there’s a way.” You can make any situation work for your needs. Sticking to Canadian work hours allowed me to fill my mornings with productive activities and hobbies during quarantine like working out, cooking and reading and by the time the North American workday started, I was always ready to start just like all of my colleagues.

Technology certainly played a huge role in the success of this trip. Being able to communicate with the team through applications like Slack, Zoom, emails and calls over Wi-Fi made it a seamless transition, and having supportive colleagues was the cherry on top! With all of the work-from-home practice that we had during the previous months, work was still able to be done just as efficiently – if not more. Being able to turn out great work for our clients despite the many current challenges has made us all feel stronger as a team and as professionals.

There are two major takeaways that I believe came out of this great experience:

  1. Make your employees feel empowered, and they will thank you with their hard work.

As an employee at Torchia Communications, it was incredibly empowering to have the organization supporting me.

  1. Why limit your dreams based on a location? As PR practitioners, we are born adaptable and flexible. Go after your dreams and make your work work for you! As long as you have an internet connection, are reachable, and possess good communication skills, you can do anything.

(Disclaimer: Due to health and safety risks of travelling I did quarantine at my destination for two weeks as directed, and upon my arrival home will continue for an additional two weeks.)