De ses bureaux de Toronto et Montréal, deux des plus grandes villes du Canada, et forte de ses expériences nord-américaine et mondiale, l’équipe Torchia propose des programmes et services intégrés et adaptés à d’éminentes entreprises, petites ou grandes.
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Public Relations runs through our veins – Torchia Communications
With offices in Toronto and Montreal, and with extensive North American and global experience, the Torchia team delivers integrated and ad-hoc Public Relations programs and services to leading organizations, small and large. Torchia Communications remains a highly regarded Canadian Public Relations firm.
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Public Relations runs through our veins


Public Relations runs through our veins

Torchia Communications celebrates 20 years, it has been in the blood since 1966


There’s great merit to staying the course; fighting the good fight and persevering until the last round. Oftentimes, the very act of doing so indicates the intrinsic value of an effort or campaign. On this very special year, 2020, our agency marks 20 years of loyal and passionate service in support of our client-partners, large and small, in all things PR and communications related. There is much to celebrate. The stability and strength of our accounts, the persons with whom we work and the diversity of our practice. But there is something that is harder to express in words.


The field of public relations, it is in our blood.



This milestone has given me the opportunity to think about what this means to me. Lots of water under the bridge since the day dad and I kind of unexpectedly decided to take the plunge, so to speak, invest our hard -earned dollars and co-found Torchia Communications. Back in the late nineties, we both had executive positions at a global public relations agency, and then an opportunity came up, quite haphazardly. To be perfectly honest, we never really planned on setting up our own shop. That opportunity was to negotiate an amicable split between a client and its agency at the time, leaving us the opportunity to create our own agency. This was New York city in May of 2000 on a blistering hot day. We were at their global corporate head office on Broadway. That moment is forever etched in my memory.  I will never forget the flight home. To us, this was a no-brainer.  Our decision was made. We looked at each other and said, we can do this! And so, we did. Upon our arrival in Montreal, we promptly called our accountants and lawyers and filled them in on what had quickly turned into a new dream, to take control of our destiny as partners.  They were so supportive of this idea that within days, a draft letter of intent was whipped up and quickly approved. The next step was perhaps the most telling, pivotal and inspirational. It meant turning to our existing clients and letting them know of our intentions. As well we turned to all our colleagues to gauge their interest and to see if they would jump onboard.  The response we got from both groups was nothing short of extraordinary and humbling. They all, every single client and every single staff member said yes to this new venture/adventure overwhelmingly! To this day, I am reminded of their trust and belief in us. Their confidence, support on that fateful day, is a constant reminder that we must never give up, even when going through rough seas. In July 2000, the deal was signed, sealed and delivered and the agency that would now bare our family name was born. The first two years were very difficult but with unwavering support of our colleagues and clients, we prevailed and made it over the critical hump. We worked like crazy and began to diversify our client base, bringing in new clients and adjusting to the new reality. In 2004, dad decided to take his well-deserved retirement after having spent his whole life as a pioneer in the field of public relations since his arrival to Canada in 1966.


Today, it’s such a privilege to own and run a family business with my younger brother Daniel and sister Michele who became full-fledged partners in 2005. Family is what it is all about at Torchia and we fight tooth and nail to remain committed to values that form the basis of a strong family: dialogue, unity, honesty, accountability, respect and mutual support and service.


In looking back on our accomplishments, I am so proud. Proud of my brother and sister for their hard-work, sleepless nights, dedication, and loyalty. Proud of all my colleagues over the years who have done the same. Grateful to our clients/partners who have put their trust in us, implemented our counsel, and believed in us through thick and thin. The list goes on.

Today, no less than 85% of our business comes from word-of-mouth. Torchia Communications is poised for the future. Having served countless clients, in virtually every imaginable sector, coupled with the depth of experience from the seasoned practitioners in our field and brilliant new ones, we have kept up with the times, adjusting our service offering to the needs in the marketplace.


Public relations today is not the same as it was 20 years ago. You’ve got to be prepared and react in real-time or you’re in trouble. I remember back in the old days, when a client was faced with a crisis, recommending they “sleep on it”. Can you imagine providing that advice in 2020? Today, it’s hard to imagine any organization not including PR as one of its most powerful tools, since it clearly is.  With real-time news comes an increased propensity to communicate even imperfectly. Communicating imperfectly is better than not communicating at all. No one expects you to be perfect. But the world and your consumers do expect you to be humble enough to say “I am sorry” when you’ve made a mistake. And one of the values I try to instill to our colleagues is to always give our clients the counsel they “need” to hear versus what they “want” to hear.

The recent pandemic has forced governments and organizations alike to speak regularly, often many times daily. Those that truly wish to succeed must communicate fluidly, sincerely, and honestly. Take stock at how they have behaved. Some have done it better than others but by and large, most have enabled some form of communication. It is comforting to see that the world must come to appreciate the need to communicate. And those who continue to recognize this in the future will, simply put, come out on top.


Lastly, I must thank my wife of 25 years for her unwavering belief in me and in our agency and who has toughed it out through thick and thin.


Cheers to Torchia Communications and to special thanks to all of my colleagues on this special milestone.


Jean-Claude Torchia

Founder and CEO