De ses bureaux de Toronto et Montréal, deux des plus grandes villes du Canada, et forte de ses expériences nord-américaine et mondiale, l’équipe Torchia propose des programmes et services intégrés et adaptés à d’éminentes entreprises, petites ou grandes.
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Whistle while you work – Torchia Communications
With offices in Toronto and Montreal, and with extensive North American and global experience, the Torchia team delivers integrated and ad-hoc Public Relations programs and services to leading organizations, small and large. Torchia Communications remains a highly regarded Canadian Public Relations firm.
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Whistle while you work

Whistle while you work


Twenty years have come and gone in an instant. Crazy how time flies. As I sat down to write my thoughts about our 20-year milestone, I could not help but stroll down memory lane.

So many memories, anecdotes and critical moments flashed before my eyes. My early years, bright eyed and curious, coached in how to build media lists, my first press conference, how-to workshops on writing, scrutiny from my elders, many of whom rock-solid CP/AP journalists, exciting global mandates, learning from the absolute best mentors and, all the while, having a blast. The assortment of amazing memories leaves me baffled and speechless.

Instead rattling them all off, I feel compelled to sum it up. The last 20 years have been out of this world. Like in any journey, there have been many turns and valleys as well as mountain tops. I’ve experienced my fair share of hardships and disappointments, sweat and tears, whereby our own skin was in the game but, above all, I’ve experienced first-hand, the power of determination, perseverance, professional friendships. At the end of the day, as the saying goes, it is not about the destination, it is about the journey and it has been one heck of a journey!

When we first opened I was 27 years old and, although I had some solid experience under my belt in HR and in PR, I was donning a yellow belt, you could say, in understanding how to manage and handle operations of a business. It was a hefty challenge to say the least, but one I was more than happy to undertake, to tackle and to make my own.

Today, at 47, I can say that just like Torchia Communications continues to learn, grow and adapt, so do I.

In 20 years, side by side with JC, my big bro, and Danny, my little bro, we have gone through so much. Just thinking about it has me in a whirlwind of emotions, with so many memories shuttering like a camera on continuous high-speed mode. Although we are very different, we always had the same vision, values and ethics for our foundation – perhaps the best legacy from our pioneering father. At the end of the day, we three, were pretty much literally “born” into PR. I will never forget that life changing conversation between my brothers, father and I, when the first thought of branching out, and taking this leap of faith, came forth.

I am pretty sure I speak on behalf of both JC and Danny when I say that, from a very early age, a spark for the love of PR, and client care, was ignited in us. This catalyst would bring us to realize that, together, we could create something wonderful, something to be proud of. It did not take very long for each of us to figure out where we fit in, and where our own personal talents could be useful.

As an ice breaker, when meeting people, I often get asked what do you do in life? My answer is always straight forward. I do one thing, yet in two different places. I run the operations of my household, and I run the operations of our Agency, both, pretty much in parallel and with the same amount of love, dedication and attention, to the best of my abilities. I am a full-time mom and a full-time partner at Torchia Communications. Full time, all the time, uninterrupted.

I run my household with rules, of course, yet I believe in trust and in responsibility and in allowing plenty of room for continued growth. Everything is ever changing; nothing is static. I believe that each person brings something amazing to our boardroom or our dinner table and what makes things work is a unified team that shares the same perspectives and objectives.

Our Agency’s success, from my own personal perspective, rests on the calibre of our people. Our people are the heartbeat of our Agency.

We take great pride in our human resources. While background experience and pure credentials (on paper) are important, our philosophy is to look for persons with a lifelong commitment to growth, willingness to serve, positive attitude and entrepreneurial drive. As well, by default, our colleagues share our enthusiasm for sustainable PR and the value of rigorous counsel. If you look at our colleagues today, you will see that they all have an underlying passion to learn, eternal students at the core.

Within our Agency family, we do our best to encourage colleagues to continue to grow, to persist, and to persevere yet we strive to also give them freedom, independence and the ability to spread their own wings. We do our best to inspire them to touch on many aspects of our industry, to perfect their skills and want them to feel heard and act together on ways to adjust to change. As much as our juniors learn from seasoned peers, the reverse is also true and critical. This is all part of the key to success.

We can only appreciate the present when we understand the importance of how the past has influenced our development.

I wish to extend my appreciation for the amazing work of our team members, present and past, for their professionalism, diligence, and dedication, as well as their self-motivation.

It is with a great sense of pride and joy that I join my colleagues in this new chapter of our history (in the making).

…And, on the flipside, in my “mom job”, I always tell my son (who often criticizes me for whistling while I work), that I want him to find something that he loves as a career path, a field that will allow him to have fun while he works, that will push him to excel and keep him learning and growing in an environment that brings him joy on a personal and professional level.

Why do I bring this up? Well, at the end of the day, I think the famous seven dwarfs in Snow White were 100% right…if you can whistle while you work, you know you have done something right.