Public Relations is more important than you might think.

Strengthen the image of your brands, the reputation of your business, the credibility of your spokespersons, the awareness and effectiveness of your campaigns and even your own corporate or institutional integrity. Leave no room for weak corporate behaviour or untapped opportunity in the areas of reputation, relationships or awareness/education. Turn to PR today.

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Why are we different?

Expertise + Service. Torchia Account Teams are comprised of experienced members who have a deep understanding of and experience in all PR-related disciplines. The Torchia team has developed programs aimed at every stakeholder group you can imagine – well beyond just media. Why would that matter? Because Torchia clients are assured that their programs contribute to nurturing positive relationships with as many core audience groups as possible, for maximum returns. The firm aspires to provide five-star quality service on every assignment; to all clients. Expertise + Service: critical factors of success in any Public Relations program.
Public Relations is not for the weak. It certainly does not thrive in an environment of fear of confrontation, debate or heated dialogue. The reality is that PR is about building bridges and allowing the information to flow freely between an organization and its important audience groups – with a generous sprinkling of counsel, proactive behaviour and measurement. Our profession remains the lucrative playground of bold visionaries who are ready to lead, steal the spotlight and become the ‘darling’ or “apple of the eye” of its core audiences. Where do you wish to stand?
 Mediocre or short-term Public Relations can be dispensed by almost anyone. Great Public Relations, however, – the kind that seizes big opportunity and defends from perilous threats – requires an unwavering bond of trust between client and your agency team. What type of PR are you looking for? A quick-hit campaign or the kind that develops a long-term strategic asset to your company and differentiator among your competitors? Our advice: Go for the latter and find a PR team that has your complete trust. 


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