De ses bureaux de Toronto et Montréal, deux des plus grandes villes du Canada, et forte de ses expériences nord-américaine et mondiale, l’équipe Torchia propose des programmes et services intégrés et adaptés à d’éminentes entreprises, petites ou grandes.
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Sage Academy – Torchia Communications
Torchia Communications has launched its Sage Academy summer and fall sessions. All courses are tailor-made to respond to your specific needs and are offered virtually and/or in-person, when it will be safe to do so, in both official languages.
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Sage Academy offers communications workshops online, in person and in multiple languages. workshops include PR Ambassadorship, Fostering a Culture of Communications, Preparing for a Crisis as well as Journalistic Writing/Photography, Media Interview and Presentation Training. Read our latest release on Sage Academy.


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Topics covered:


• Today’s Culture – Setting the stage: The perfect backdrop for communications excellence

• Organizational Communications – An overview

• Getting a good ‘pulse’ – The primacy of listening

• Setting the foundations – From planning through to foundationals (RACE formula, Objectives setting, winning strategies, key message formulation etc.)

• Tactics – unlimited potential

• Leadership – unpacking a leader’s DNA and strategies for positioning

• Practical training packages/options (to be pre-selected, chosen depending on participant’s needs): interview training, media relations programming, leveraging social media, presentation skills training)



Topics covered:


• Media / journalism – An overview; their modus operandi

• Media Relations – The role of your Media Relations function

• Media landscape – media types

• Interview formats – From press conferences and scrums to double-enders and more

• The role of the spokesperson

• Dos and don’ts· Practical (mock) interviews

• Repurposing content

About Us


Sage Academy, a division of Torchia Communications, is a trusted partner to organizations focused on building and enhancing Public Relations and Organizational Communications functions through compact and interactive workshops.


Workshops include: Fostering a Culture of Communications, PR Ambassadorship, Journalistic writing/Photography, Preparing for a Crisis, Interview Training, Presentation Training, and Social Media. Tailored for executives as well as aspiring leaders, Sage Academy offers communications workshops online, in person and in multiple languages.


Torchia Communications also owns and operates Centrik Translations, a Quebec-based translations division that has successfully completed more than 26,000 translation assignments to date.