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Torchia Communications formalizes its Influencer Relations practice – launches Influencer Relations and Marketing service

October 25, 2023
Torchia Communications
Torchia Influencer Marketing and Relations Service

MONTREAL, OCTOBER 25, 2023 – Torchia Communications, a consultancy with deep roots specializing in public relations architecture, design, and program management, officially launches today its Influencer Relations practice area – a newly formalized department that has, as its foundation, a rich assortment of successes and experiences over the past decade.

“Building harmonious and mutually engaging relationships between our clients and influencers has been a staple of our business and a priority for our clients since we started the firm 23 years ago. It’s here to stay and is a permanent fixture in the PR mix,” said Jean-Claude Torchia, president and founder of Torchia Communications. “Back then we called them multipliers, endorsers, advocates or stakeholders, so it’s nice to see how this area has evolved around a common vision, new lexicon and a growing body of best practices.”

Torchia’s Influencer Relations practice area focuses on Strategic-Paid Partnerships and Influencer Communications, the latter of which reflects the agency’s philosophy of encouraging information sharing in a way that is democratic, generous, gratuitous, and ongoing.

“Understanding the difference between both streams of Influencer Relations and the value of each has helped us deliver consistent results for our clients,” says Daniel Torchia, managing director and partner at the agency. “Through this two-pronged approach, we can deliver surgically aimed and developed content while contributing to a free market of organic content originating naturally from any number of content producers interested in our clients’ areas of expertise. The results are usually unpredictable and very refreshing.”

Over the past few years, the company has designed and managed paid influencer partnerships for clients in many sectors.

“It is always such a joy to work with the creative and genuine community of influencers,” says Tia Giannone, account manager at the agency. “Time and time again, we’ve seen how this service and the Torchia approach yield amazing fruits. We’re determined to encourage all our clients to make it a part of their communications function.”

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