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Torchia Communications is a trusted partner to organizations seeking Public Relations programs and departments that nurture strong stakeholder relationships and long-term value. The Torchia team is committed to customer service, proactive counsel, measurement and demonstrating the role proactive and strategic Public Relations plays in the success of its clients and society as a whole – in any market.

Our client-partners hail from all industries, sizes and backgrounds. We deliver annualized, international programs just as much as we deploy ad-hoc services and one-off assignments.

Our team is passionate about helping you to grow or enhance your communications/PR function – in whatever capacity is needed.

“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations” – Bill Gates

Dictating budgets is not something we do. We work around your budget and according to your priorities.

Our roots

Our agency traces its heritage and history back to 1966, when Armand Torchia leveraged his language skills to earn a job at Public Relations Services Ltd., a leader in PR at the time. Eventually, Armand Torchia partnered with the late Stan Houston and co-founded The Houston Group in 1972, a successful firm that would grow exponentially in the 80s, eventually selling to a global PR firm (Edelman) during the 90s. In 2000, Armand, then president of Edelman Canada and based in Montreal, and Jean-Claude Torchia, his eldest son and vice-president of Edelman based in London, England, decided to take the plunge and co-founded Torchia Communications. They then invited Michele and Daniel to join them in building the firm and later became partners of the agency upon Armand’s retirement in 2004. Our colleagues and partners are part of this family – as are the countless professionals who have worked with us over the years. We remember them all and value their support over the years.

Our reach / scope

Headquartered in Montreal, with an office in Toronto and affiliates in the US, the multilingual Torchia team works with partners across Canada and beyond.

Our Mission

To help you build or enhance your entire communication function or program.

Our Vision

A world of open, free-flowing and truth-based communication between organizations and their publics.

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Our team

Jean-Claude Torchia

Founder and CEO
Daniel Torchia

Daniel Torchia

Partner & Managing Director
Michele Torchia

Michèle Torchia

Partner, HR Director & Head of Centrik translations

Alessandra Saccal

Senior Account Director
Jean-Nicolas Desjeunes

Jean-Nicolas Desjeunes

Senior Account Director

Sean Cotnam

Account Director

Viviane Revez

Senior Communications Consultant & Head Translator
Centrik Translations

Mary Moniz

SEnior Account Manager

Tia Giannone

Account Manager
Nathalie Proulx

Nathalie Proulx

Project Manager
Centrik Translations
Pénélope Carreau

Pénélope Carreau


Laurence Sauvé

Account Executive
Dalia Esposito

Dalia Esposito


Aline Bedros


Alexia Hacikyan


Christine Tasan


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