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Knowing a tree by its fruits

Enhanced Scanning delivers the value clients yearn for in PR monitoring and intelligence scanning​

Enhanced Scanning (ES+) is a continual process and service offered by Torchia that combines brand and topic monitoring, social listening, intelligence monitoring and reporting, content marketing, and stakeholder communications with traditional media, influencers, and other opinion leaders. We offer it to all ongoing clients, large or small.   Every day, our consultants scan traditional and social media for “public conversations” related to the topics of expertise of our clients. Working with your team, we will hone your “topics of expertise” – the 4 to 5 subjects on which you wish to be recognized as an expert – which can also include topics related to any of your upcoming innovations, competitors, or relevant regulatory-related issues.  When we locate important articles or posts, we prepare a short note to apprise you – either immediately or as part of a weekly roundup. These emails are based around our “fruits”.

Fruits of Enhanced Scanning

1. Growth of your lists

Authors of relevant articles are crosschecked with our lists to see who’s in and who’s not. If not yet captured in our database, we make sure to add the author so that we can establish dialogue and set ourselves down the path of coverage opportunities.

2. Spokesperson interjections

If the journalist or author is new to our lists, our team writes a short note to establish contact and sow seeds for future collaboration with the media/influencer. Over time, we report on the outcomes of this effort to you. Spokesperson Interjection has become a useful strategy in growing our relationship with key media; it has resulted in brilliant “gems of coverage”.

3. Ideas/ideation

As partners in communications, we consider each article as an opportunity to create applicable thought leadership ideas on what you could do in the realm of proactive PR. To make sure we maximize your time, we ensure that the ideas are in line with your strategy or objectives. This fruit is at the core of why we say with confidence that ES+ is a key guarantor that your PR function will remain sharp and agile through time.

 4. Industry intel

Our team shares intelligence on who’s doing what, how, and to what effect or end. These nuggets of intel could be about PR best practices or industry-related developments – intel you need to know as part of your work and leadership.

5. Content for social

The content we find through ES+ is oftentimes very suitable for repurposing on your social media accounts as interesting “curated” content. We work seamlessly with your social team to help your company offer dynamic content tracks on its various social media accounts.


Our team carefully monitors and tracks the performance of your Enhanced Scanning program, including year over year comparisons.

Torchia’s ES+ versus other monitoring tools

There is a multitude of social listening and media monitoring tools available out there. Our Enhanced Scanning service doesn’t promise more monitoring or listening results; rather, we commit to more practical and value-driven use of such results. 


Paid Monitoring Tools

Torchia ES+

Media monitoring


Social media

Online news

Print media


Only offered by some services



Standard automated alert

Personalized alert with recommended actions


BUT you must sift through all mentions for all keywords every day. Some updates to keywords needed to exclude regions, outlets that aren’t relevant.

Selected media mentions that are relevant to you. Each account team ensures that you only receive to mentions that are for you.

Curated articles with quantitative feedback

No curation of content relevant to company or industry.

Intel emails curated by our expert consultants who know you, your business, and your industry with only very relevant and actionable news for you.

Growth of your list

We help you to grow your media, influencers and stakeholders lists with new, relevant contacts.

Spokesperson Interjection

We introduce your company and spokesperson to authors of pertinent articles.


We provide you with ideas to improve your PR function.

Industry intel

We share relevant intelligence on your industry, competitors, and more.

Social content

We provide you with ready-to-use, repurposed social content suggestions.


$$$ – $$$$

Costly and labour-intensive requirements by user.

Torchia’s ES+ service is part of annualized Communications program with reporting set to your desired cadence.

Return on investment

Paid monthly, typical monitoring services collect information, they do not proactively provide strategic advice on how to use the information..

Torchia employs a proactive approach, utilizing the same data gathered by monitoring services, to provide strategic counsel and actions in a customized way.

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