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From the Crow’s Nest

From The Crow's Nest
Jean-Claude Torchia

History of Centrik Translations

Back in July 2000, when we founded Torchia Communications, I vividly remember getting a phone call from a long-time client, friend, and successful entrepreneur who wanted to congratulate us for having taken the plunge.

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Expert Insights
Tia Giannone

An influential world

Public relations has never been more critical for an organization, brand, or individual as it is today, and influencers are part of this equation like never before. As influencer relations continue to prosper and the number of influencers rises at a very fast pace, media relations has now transcended much farther than traditional media.

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Employee Perspectives
Torchia Communications

Torchia Communications shares what we’re grateful for in 2020

With so many “valleys” and challenges this year, it’s easy to understand why smiles are more refreshing and valued than ever. Recently, members of our team gathered for another web-conference but, this time, we took a few minutes to discuss reasons for being grateful in 2020!

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