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Coordinating a Media Drop: Tips and Strategies

April 20, 2023
Mary Moniz

Media drops or PR packages can be a real asset to certain media campaigns when executed properly. Whenever our clients have a new product or other important news to announce, drops are an effective way to get the word out, reinforce a message or positioning statement and create excitement around it.

First, it is crucial to develop an effective strategy. We start by assessing the client’s news or product: who would be most likely to take advantage of the product or value the news? It is important to target the right audience and taking stock of media contacts who have either received communications from us before or have written about the general topic or subject category in the past. Offering the drop recipient special access to a new project or campaign details is a natural next step toward building relationships and maintaining open conversions. 

Once we have built our list, we send each contact an engaging and personal— or introductory in the case where we are reaching out to new contacts — email letting them know a bit about the company and product or campaign we are offering. To ensure success, it is also very important to request their contact information and confirm delivery address. In the past, we could count on the product being delivered to an office building where the media were located, and the drop would get to the desired individual. With the pandemic, however, many media representatives are working from home and have limited access to the office. Confirming their address and phone number is essential for a successful delivery. 

Fun fact: We at Torchia Communications also deliver our products ourselves! In many instances, most notably for Baskin-Robbins, we have rented vans, packed coolers and gone on our merry way delivering delicious, customized cakes. 

Examples of 2021 media kits for clients Lagoon Seafood and Dennis Horseradish
Examples of media kits from Torchia's clients Dennis' Horseradish and Lagoon Seafood from 2021

Then, we prepare the client’s media kit to include the most recent and relevant press information, fact sheets, any other information on our spokespersons, product sheets and an introductory letter from us. A printed media kit is an effective way to show your professionalism and create a lasting impression, and many media outlets prefer receiving a USB stick with the same media kit documents in a digital format, as it is easier to access and share. We then assemble the printed materials, a business card, and a portfolio help to create a memorable package.

Whenever we send any perishable products, such as our client Lagoon Seafood’s frozen salmon tartare (see above), we ensure they are placed in an insulated freezer bag with ice packs. These types of drops should always be packaged and delivered quickly and efficiently by a trusted courier.

After the drop has gone out, we follow up with all recipients promptly to make sure they received the products, find out how they liked it, and collect any positive or constructive feedback.

Always remember – while it is a meaningful investment, a media drop will not guarantee coverage. However, it will make an important impact and the media will be more likely to consider a story on the product if they receive a media package and appreciate it, rather than a simple pitch.

To learn more about media drops, please contact Mary at [email protected] for a free consultation and discover our services and see how they can help you here.