Torchia Communications

Diversity is the spice of life – and a necessary ingredient in reliable counsel

November 24, 2020
Tia Giannone

With services that encompass everything that is crucial and creative in PR, Torchia Communications also focuses energy on another, equally critical aspect of the field: a diverse team and the composition and culture of its members. In the eyes of the world, agency work might seem to hinge on a very specific set of services; but the question of who is doing the counsel, or tactical work, is just as important. As Marshall McLuhan said, many years ago, “the medium is the message.” Thankfully, the Torchia team, as far back as I can tell thanks to our archives and conversations with team members, is as diverse and blended as can be, and another element of assurance that the counsel we provide reflects various points of view, cultural sensitivities and minimization of unnecessary friction.

A truly integrated Communications program or campaign is almost never achieved going solo! Like most major tasks in life, it benefits from a team that blends strong elements from each individual to create the strongest possible execution and planning — a mix of tech knowledge, social skills, communication competencies and even trend connoisseurs and sometimes diverging worldviews. Doing so elevates the team to face any challenge.

At Torchia Communications, we pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our members. Each one of my peers brings amazing richness in terms of perspective, passions and talents. What’s equally important, though, is what ties us together: our dignity and sense of worth, as well as our common mission to deliver good, quality Public Relations counsel and program management for a better world through good, sound and sustainable behaviour, and then stellar messaging.