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Torchia Communications shares what we’re grateful for in 2020

December 21, 2020
Torchia Communications

With so many “valleys” and challenges this year, it’s easy to understand why smiles are more refreshing and valued than ever. Recently, members of our team gathered for another web-conference but, this time, we took a few minutes to discuss reasons for being grateful in 2020!

A point that surfaced over and over:  we are surrounded by great people.

Gratefulness – 2020

“What am I grateful for? In this difficult year that has pushed us all far beyond our comfort zones, I am most grateful for the emergency workers who have proven themselves braver than ever this year. Confronting the unknown while the rest of us stayed in the safety and comfort of our homes, I am grateful, appreciative and in awe of emergency and essential workers.” Tia Giannone

“My family, specifically my loving hubby, three amazing and unique children and an incredible daughter-in-law. The health and love of my mom. The ability to work from home thanks to my wonderful Torchia family (JC, Danny and Michele). Working and collaborating with a caring and dedicated team of great individuals. The hope for the future and looking at the glass half full!” Mary Moniz

“This year and this holiday season I’m thankful for my health and my parent’s health. I am also happy I am able to work from home in the midst of this pandemic.” Samiha Fariha

“2020 has been a year to remember that’s for sure. While there have been challenges, I think it was definitely a year of growth. Having a team to depend on has made the transition all the much easier. I am so grateful to my colleagues for their consistent can-do attitude, and their adaptability. At any given point someone is willing to lend a helping hand, and together we get the work done, and problems are solved! I am so grateful work alongside such wonderful and hardworking people.” Portia-Marie Siegel

“Over the course of 2020, no matter the challenges of the day, I was always able to turn to the team to help with a situation personally, and professionally. I am grateful for the little conversations and connects with my colleagues across both our Toronto and Montreal offices that normally I might not have had in a normal office setting. Being able to slow down and chat about someone’s day and sharing my own day always brings a smile to my face.” Sean Cotnam

“What am I grateful for? Although the year was certainly difficult in so many ways, I still consider that I am privileged. I have a warm home, a healthy 9 years-old kid, a joyful little dog and most of all, I am still alive! So many people are dying everyday from diseases, starvation, wars, etc. and yet we are too often concern about our small problems without considering the big picture! Let’s remember how lucky we are in our daily lives, to simply live and breathe fresh air.” Jean-Nicolas Desjeunes

“2020 has opened my eyes, to live in the now. There is not point in looking at the past, and we cannot foresee the future, so we best enjoy the now. Whether that means, enjoying staying in pj’s a little longer, taking a walk and smelling the roses, saluting a neighbour as we pass them by, rather than running to a destination, enjoying that cup of coffee in a mug, rather than dash to a drive through in a mad rush, spilling half of it, before its first sip! Enjoying the ride in the car (not going very far these days) rather than complain about traffic. Picking up the phone to hear family, friends and colleagues voices! Amidst the pandemic I rely on my friendships to keep me sane, as I long to hug everyone in sight once this is behind us. For now, I just wish everyone good health, safety, and inner peace. And on a last note, I have to admit that I am grateful for Netflix and Free Shipping!” Michele Torchia

“Sweeping the kitchen floor, searching through Lego bricks with my kids, reading, learning to use my saw and praying the rosary with relatives abroad – these are some of the highlights from an off-the-wall 2020. Without leaving my house, the monastic life has come to be – and it’s inexplicably enriching. Something I will never forget. Peace.” Daniel Torchia

“In looking back on the year 2020, I am particularly grateful for my loving wife, Christine, and my wonderful children. Although such trying times for us all, it provided me with more quality time with each one of them. Time being such a precious commodity, one that is often underestimated.  I am also grateful for our health and that our parents and my siblings and their respective families who remain healthy, overall. What more can one ask for. I would be remiss to not mention my dear colleagues who I consider family. You have done incredible work through it all and have been great team players always looking out for one another. This storm will pass and we will all come out of it stronger. Here’s to a glorious 2021.” Jean-Claude Torchia

“I am so grateful for being able to work, and well, from the comfort of home – love more sleep & quality time, pj days, cheating traffic, bad weather and (hopefully) the virus and occasionally washing a load at lunch! I am grateful for whatever happiness and caring I sense or witness, for my Mom being alive and well and not living in a CHSLD; for those colleagues and friends who still believe in using a smart phone to actually call and talk ?;  I am grateful for dedicating myself to what I love – la langue française – and doing it for five star clients who appreciate my translations; and I am profoundly grateful for life-saving art, books, painting and watercolours.” Viviane Revez

Be safe and have a happy holiday!

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