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An influential world

January 8, 2021
Tia Giannone

Public relations has never been more critical for an organization, brand, or individual as it is  today, and influencers are part of this equation like never before.  As influencer relations continue to prosper and the number of influencers rises at a very fast pace, media relations has now transcended much farther than traditional media. Influencers continue to grow due to the popularity of getting genuine reviews and information from an “every day” consumer. Of course, the number of followers any influencer has tends to determine how information and brands are presented. For example, an influencer with millions of followers is certain to promote a brand differently than an influencer with one thousand followers might.

Understanding the differences and variations between types, size, topics, platforms and target audiences when you are evaluating if an influencer is right for your brand are all key to planning the most successful collaboration possible. Knowing details such as client budget and timeline can also be important factors of success as there are key “high” and “low” times of the year where influencers are especially busy and more likely to turn down your offer unless extremely enticing.

Overall, an agency like Torchia Communications becomes extremely valuable when it comes to research, outreach, evaluation, communication, and negotiation with influencers. Public Relations agencies can negotiate on your behalf, preventing the client from being on the front-line of detailed conversations in the planning and execution stages.  A well-written contract can be the difference between an excellent partnership or a viral blunder which is exactly why the benefits of having an agency handle influencer relations are just too numerous to pass up!