Torchia Communications

History of Centrik Translations

February 1, 2021
Jean-Claude Torchia

Back in July 2000, when we founded Torchia Communications, I vividly remember getting a phone call from a long-time client, friend, and successful entrepreneur who wanted to congratulate us for having taken the plunge.  As we approached the end of our call, I asked him if there was any advice he wanted to share with me given his stellar track-record. His words of wisdom still resonate with me today.  “JC, combining competence and hard work always pays off and the key to success is to always respond to your clients’ evolving needs over time”.

In retrospect, I think that is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received which we keep top of mind at our agency today.  It has a direct link to Centrik Translations, a division created a few years later in response to the needs of a client, quite literally.  It was back in 2006 that Bridgestone, a loyal client of Torchia Communications for who we managed national PR efforts turned to us with a direct question.  “We’re not pleased with the current translation services provider.  Would you like to handle our needs for us”? Eureka!  For decades, we had been writing and translating for our clients, naturally.  Most were national and hence required that all their materials be drafted in both official languages.   We obviously enthusiastically responded with an “of course we would!”.  It was this little nudge that encouraged us back then to formally launch Centrik Translations, prompted by a client need.

Fifteen years later, after having set up the division, here we are and proud to continue to serve Bridgestone and hundreds of clients in virtually every sector imaginable with close to 30,000 files completed and a dedicated and competent team of professional translators who work diligently to ensure that the true essence of each phrase or line is optimally translated.   A testament to our outstanding team – and to good advice.