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Q&A with 2020 Torchia scholarship winner Claudia Sofia Juárez Achata

November 10, 2020
Torchia Communications

Inspired by the career of Armand Torchia, our co-founder, the Torchia Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who best exemplifies the spirit of bilingualism in the study and practice of Public Relations in Canada.

Congratulations to Claudia Sofía Juárez Achata, winner of the 2020 Torchia Scholarship!

A second-year student from Concordia University in Montreal, Claudia is a native Spanish speaker studying in English for the first time. We shared a conversation with Claudia to discuss the scholarship, her studies and goals.

Why did you choose the communications program at Concordia University?

I chose Concordia University to be my place of study because it has an incredible Communication Studies program. I think what makes this school different from other schools is they give a creative and a theoretical approach to communications. This turned it into a perfect fit for me because I really wanted to learn the practical and artistic aspects of communications, as well as the theory behind it. In addition, the classes that are offered give a broad array of choices to construct your future and the professors are excellent. To add, the classes are given in English, which I consider to be the language of international communication.

Another thing that really appealed to me was its location, Montreal, since my academics are in English and my interactions in the city are in French, it allows me to practice both languages.

How did you learn about the Torchia Scholarship?

I learned about the Torchia Scholarship through my professor, Matt Soar, and appreciated the fact that it celebrates multilingualism. I had never heard of a scholarship with such a focus.

What industry do you want to work in? What skills and experience do you feel that you can bring to that industry that is going to help or change the way it provides communications counsel?

Right now, I really want to look into working with moving images. My ultimate career goals are to represent my culture and bring a positive and accurate representation of different minorities to the media, and I think this can change the way communications work because it will give a voice to people that are not always heard.

On behalf of our entire team, best wishes in all you do!