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Tennis anyone? Yes, please!

August 10, 2022
Torchia Communications
Play Your Court Program - Tennis Canada

Tennis anyone? The answer is a resounding ‘YES’ for a growing percentage of the population. Tennis is a steady-growing sport both in terms of interest and participation. What’s best – it’s a sport for life that so many, if not all, can enjoy. That’s partially the reason why we were so pleased to learn that our longstanding client, Tennis Canada, was partnering with National Bank (yet again) to do something fantastic for people from all walks of life: launch the National Bank Play Your Court Program to help fund upgrades to outdoor tennis courts in communities across the country. Thank you, National Bank, for your passion for the sport we all love – and we encourage all municipalities to apply for a portion of this $3 million funding and for all tennis fans to let their passion for tennis be known at the local or regional level. Learn more here – Play Your Court Program – Tennis Canada 

Photo: Jenna Muirhead/Tennis Canada