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Torchia co-pilots HGreg’s award-winning streak in 2023

July 25, 2023
Torchia Communications

Photo: HGreg.

Torchia Communications has played a pivotal role in HGreg’s recent string of prestigious award wins in the first half of 2023, solidifying the automotive company’s position as an industry leader. HGreg’s dedication to excellence and innovation received multiple accolades, with Torchia providing valuable support in each award’s preparation and submission process.

In May, HGreg was named among Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2023 for the third consecutive year. This esteemed recognition acknowledges privately owned Canadian companies demonstrating exceptional leadership in strategy, culture, commitment, capabilities, innovation, governance, and financial performance.

Later that month, HGreg was honoured with the prestigious 2023 Mercuriades Award in the Accroissement de la productivité Investissement Québec category. This award, presented by the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ), recognizes companies implementing innovative strategies to enhance productivity and foster development. HGreg’s recognition in this category showcases its commitment to growth and innovation in the Québec automotive industry.

Further highlighting its commitment to excellence, HGreg received the Canadian Business Excellence Award for Private Businesses from Excellence Canada. This award recognizes organizations demonstrating strategic approaches to improving business performance while prioritizing customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and innovation. Torchia worked closely with HGreg to highlight the company’s customer-focused initiatives, engaged employees, and innovative strategies, contributing to its selection for this recognition.

Torchia Communications has played an ongoing role in helping to raise HGreg’s profile, showcasing its accomplishments, and raising awareness of its innovative business practices. Through strategic messaging, targeted media outreach, and comprehensive award submission support, the agency ensured that HGreg’s achievements received the recognition they deserved.

The partnership between Torchia Communications and HGreg exemplifies the power of collaboration in achieving business success and the positive force proactive Public Relations can play in a company’s growth. The agency’s expertise has played a crucial role in solidifying HGreg’s position as an industry leader, has contributed significantly to its award-winning journey, and continues to support its growth and success in the North American automotive industry.